AM Live and Alegro Alfragide present

Carolina Deslandes e IRMA

A Nova Cinderela no Gelo

Classificação: M/3

Cinderela as you've
never seen before!

A royal ball, a prince who doesn't know what he wants, an ice skate left behind and a dream to fulfill. Will this new Cinderela be able to change the course of the story someone has written for her? Will she be able to make the world a better place?

This year, the traditional princess tale takes on a new lease of life. The time has come for Cinderella to shine and decide her future, because no one can stop her from giving voice to her heart.

In a musical adventure filled with humor, energy, magic and power, this story will lead its viewers to fight for their wants and believes. Everyone will be put to the test and no one will be indifferent to the strength of this new Cinderela: emancipated, empowered and breathtaking. Ready to dream and believe that anything is possible?

A show with a purpose that addresses current issues in our society: equality between men and women combined with the power of believing in ourselves.

This is the story that must be told!

And they lived happily ever after?

Find out what happened to Cinderella and the people of Alané after the Ball on AP's Talk Show!

from 1st of December
to 8th of January


AM Arena - Alegro Alfragide

Av. dos Cavaleiros 60, 2790-045 Carnaxide


The Magic that Moves Us

AM Live, on its path along the road of sustainability, identified several actions that aim to contribute to the achievement of a more sustainable show, the improvement of the conditions of all those who give life to Alané and the inclusion of all those who smile and feel the magic of the musicals on ice.

A Nova Cinderela no Gelo is ISO 20121 certified in Sustainable Events
and embraces the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of Health and Well-Being, Gender Equality, Reduction of Inequalities and Sustainable Consumption and Protection.


  • Carolina Deslandes
  • IRMA
  • Ana J. Regueiras
  • André Magalhães
  • Andreia Barros
  • Beatriz Baptista
  • Carlos Gonçalves
  • Carminho Vitorino
  • Dany Duarte
  • Diogo Faria
  • Diogo Leitão
  • Filipa Correia
  • Francisco Quintela
  • Joana VS
  • Joao Pedro Leal
  • Leonor Rolla
  • Maria Prata
  • Mariana Castro
  • Marta Lopes Correia
  • Rafaela Monteiro
  • Tiago Ferreira
  • Tomás Garcez


  • João A. Guimarães


  • Artur Guimarães


  • Ana Queirós


  • Joana Quelhas

Show Director

  • Sissi Martins

Desenho de Luz

  • Pedro Cabral

Figurinos e Adereços

  • Patrícia Costa e Pedro Morim


  • Sérgio Antunes

Direção Técnica

  • João Neves

Direção de Cena

  • Joana Ferreira

Gestão de Projeto

  • Bruno Galvão

Gestão de Projeto

  • Bruno Galvão

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